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  • Tempo


    Let’s think about the word: tempo. Ready to roll? All you need to do is… Write a new post on your iblog in response to the prompt. Need more ideas? Not sure what to write around Tempo? We’re here to help: If you’re a photographer, show us a photo that depicts motion. Feeling like you…

  • Name Three Bands or Musicians

    Name three bands or musicians that you hope to see live some day.

  • Ban Music?

    Plato, in his Republic, says that revolutionary poets and musicians will be banned from his utopian state because their new ideas will disrupt society and upset the stability of the state. Do you agree with the idea of banning music under these circumstances? Explore your opinion in an essay.

  • My Ideal Concert

    Imagine your ideal concert. You can select your own groups and musicians, your own location, and your own audience. Money is no object. All you need is your imagination. Describe your ideal concert in loving detail.