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  • Advice to a Panicky Friend

    One of your friends has shared some of his/her problems with you. Your friend wants advice on how to handle these difficulties because things seem to be going from bad to worse. In fact, your friend is becoming panicky. Write a post/comment/letter to your friend, giving both your advice on how to relieve the panic […]

  • Advice to future generations

    What advice would you give to future generations? Your message could be in the form of a letter or poem.

  • Plinky Prompt 195

    When was the last time you received a handwritten letter via snail mail?

  • Plinky Prompt 168

    Write a letter to your great-great-grandchildren.

  • Who Are You?

    Write a letter to yourself describing who you want to be in one year and arrange for someone to mail it to you in one year.

  • The letter “e”

    Write a 100-word story without using the letter “e” in any words. (It’s a tough one!)

  • A Sensitive and Deep Friend

    Imagine you have a friend who thinks deeply and reacts sensitively to events around him or her. Your friend has just written you a letter saying that human life is full of more problems and sorrow than joy and hope. Your friend goes on to say, “What’s the use of living in such a ‘sea […]