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  • Does Music Speak to Your Values?

    The Courage of Conviction: Social, Political, and Spiritual beliefs The 1960s was a time when popular music—whether country, R&B, gospel, Motown or rock—spoke of themes such as overcoming adversity and the possibility of freedom and equality. Songs touched on messages about the hardships of racism, poverty, and the urban experience. During the Vietnam War, many…

  • Can you rap?

    Try to write a “love rap.” Can you celebrate your love, or that of someone you know, in rap? Create and share your rap using GarageBand. Or try another topic as the subject of your rap: Chinese Socialism, Euclidean geometry, Macbeth, etc.

  • Podcast: Your Favorite Tunes

    In a small group create a podcast(radio show) in which you play snippets of your group’s favorite music around one particular theme. Choose someone to be the announcer to lead the discussion between clips. Start by recording one 3-5 minute session.

  • Can they remember the words?

    Interview someone of your parents’ or grandparents’ generation. Discuss the following questions: What songs were important to them when they were younger? Can they remember the words? What did they like about the lyrics? Why are they memorable? What personal memories come to mind when they think of them?

  • Lyrics Versus Video

    Compare your interpretation of the lyrics of your favorite song with the video of the same song. How are they similar? How do they differ?

  • The Day Bob Dylan Showed Up On Your Front Lawn

    Read this true story about Bob Dylan’s surprise visit to the childhood Winnipeg home of Neil Young. Imagine a rock star has just showed up on your front lawn under similar circumstances. Write the story.

  • Ban Music?

    Plato, in his Republic, says that revolutionary poets and musicians will be banned from his utopian state because their new ideas will disrupt society and upset the stability of the state. Do you agree with the idea of banning music under these circumstances? Explore your opinion in an essay.

  • Life Without Music

    The philosopher Nietzsche said that without music, life is a mistake! Do you agree or disagree? Fully or partially? Take a position, based on your own experience. Is life without music a mistake?

  • Defending Rock and Roll

    Rock and roll, some critics say, represents a deterioration in values of Canadian culture. The crude thumping and unvarying beat are symptoms of a numbness that tunes listeners out. Using arguments that you yourself believe, defend rock and roll against its critics.

  • The Best Concert of All

    You may enjoy attending concerts, classical or rock. Describe the best time you ever had at a concert. Who played? What was the atmosphere like? What was the audience’s response like? What do you remember best about the concert?