Category: Politics

  • An Essay on the Principle of Population

    In his famous “An Essay on the Principle of Population“(1798), the English economist Thomas Malthus argued that, since geometric growth of population outstrips arithmetic growth of the food supply, we actually need poverty, disease, and starvation to restore the balance. While this theory was popular in the nineteenth century, very few would accept it today.…

  • Canadian Military Spending

    Politicians often state that one letter received from a citizen is worth a thousand votes. Decide whether you think Canada is spending too little or too much on the military. Now write a letter to the Minister of Defence, arguing your point deductively. Apply your premise to a specific example or examples, such as tanks,…

  • Government Cutbacks

    Choose one example of governmental spending which has been or soon will be “cut back.” Produce a page of notes, then conclude from them whether you favour or oppose the cutback. Now write an inductive essay to support your opinion. Apply at least three techniques of persuasion. After a quick “discovery draft,” check to see…

  • Canadian Government: More or Less?

    Canadians who want more government had their way in the sixties and seventies, while those who want less government are having their way now. Which do you favour, and why? Do you believe cutbacks and privatization are enhancing or threatening your well-being in the present? In the future? Defend your view with examples.

  • Political Consult

    How do you think modern political leaders in Canada make their government-related decisions? Who are some of the people they might consult? If you were leader of a Canadian political party, whose counsel would you seek before making a decision that might affect the social and economic welfare of the people?

  • Ambitious People

    What characteristic do you associate with “ambitious” people? Describe the qualities that an ambitious person you know possesses. Are you attracted to the person? Why or why not?

  • Dedicated to a Cause

    Think of a contemporary or historical person who has dedicated his or her life to a cause. What difficulties did he or she encounter while promoting the cause? What were the results of his or her efforts? Did the person experience any failures in representing the cause? If so, how did he or she handle…

  • Quell the Unrest

    Many countries in the world are suffering or have suffered from social or political unrest. Choose one of these countries and situations you know about to discuss. Explain the causes and events of the political unrest. If you were the country’s political leader, what might you do to quell the unrest?

  • Political Opposition

    In Canada, what provisions exist for the political opponents of the party in power to express themselves?

  • Important Qualities of a Political Leader

    What are the five most important qualities a political leader of a country needs? Why is it necessary for him or her to possess each of these?