Tag: experiences

  • A Prisoner Released

    Write an essay about your experiences in which you contrast a situation in which you were a prisoner in “the cave” with a situation where you were released from that “cave.” Use specific details and images to show your readers both situations clearly.

  • Artificial Perceptions and Arbitrary Values

    Analyze your current experiences with some feature of the Interent using McLuhan’s ideas. Marshal McLuhan died in 1980. “All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values.” Marshall McLuhan “We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.” Marshall McLuhan “The medium is the message.…

  • Canada vs United States

    Write a well-organized essay in which you contrast Canada and the United States in terms of your own experiences of these two countries, choosing either a subject-by-subject or a part-by-part approach.

  • Life in a Small Town

    Using a subject-by-subject approach, write a contrast essay in which you discuss the differences between life in a small town and life in a large city based on your experiences. Be sure to use specific details and examples in order to create vivid images in your readers’ minds.

  • Illustrative Essay

    In an illustrative essay, discuss an opinion or belief that you hold as a result of your own experiences, presenting three or four different examples to illustrate your view.

  • Observe death carefully, sympathetically

    Write a narration about your experience with a person or an animal whose actions you have observed carefully, using a first-person point of view to present not only your own observations of your subject but also the details of that subject’s experiences as you have sympathetically understood and interpreted them.

  • Painful Aspects

    Write a description of yourself in which you deal with pleasurable as well as painful aspects of your experiences.

  • Mars Base 2050

    Imagine that you are living in the first settlement on Mars. Write diary entries for one week describing your activities, experiences, and feelings. Have your outlook, values, and priorities changed since you arrived on Mars.

  • Civil Disobedience

    Think of places you know where large-scale civil disobedience and social violence have occurred. Some examples from history are the French Revolution, the American Revolution, the expulsion of the British from countries such as India and South Africa. In what other places have people fought for political change? How was order restored? Did the restoration…