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  • Travel for Grown-Ups

    Write an essay about three travel destinations you would like to visit when you are “grown up.” Write about destinations that would bring you joy and inspiration. What destinations would bring your life meaning and fulfillment. Write about destinations that would be an important part of what it means to be “grown up.”

  • After the Harvest

    Write a comprehensive film review of the film “After the Harvest.” If you have read “Wild Geese” by Martha Ostenso, be sure to compare and contrast. Consider especially details from class discussions, notes, essays or any other ideas to help you out. Tip: consider a 5-paragraph essay as an organizational structure for your review. Perhaps…

  • “Credo” by Robert Fulghum (excerpt)

    I realized that I already know most of what’s necessary to live a meaningful life – that it isn’t all that complicated. I know it. And have known it for a long, long time. Living it – well, that’s another matter, yes? Here’s my Credo: ALL I REALLY NEED TO KNOW about how to live…

  • Earth First

    Research an environmental issue and organize an action in response to the issue. Environment Canada Issues: Weather and Meteorology Water Pollution and Waste Habitat and Wildlife Climate Change Air What you can do: Take action for the environment (Hints: poster, pamphlet, booklet, 4H speech, video clip, display, commercial, web app, animation, plant a tree, join…

  • Instant Communications Technology

    “Our embrace of high-tech gadgetry could turn life into a series of rushed encounters and clipped exchanges, producing ideas of diminishing depth.” – Langdon Winner What effect does “instant communication” have on you? What effect does “instant communication” have on your relationships with other people? Corners of our lives once sheltered from direct technological intervention…

  • Can you rap?

    Try to write a “love rap.” Can you celebrate your love, or that of someone you know, in rap? Create and share your rap using GarageBand. Or try another topic as the subject of your rap: Chinese Socialism, Euclidean geometry, Macbeth, etc.

  • Podcast: Your Favorite Tunes

    In a small group create a podcast(radio show) in which you play snippets of your group’s favorite music around one particular theme. Choose someone to be the announcer to lead the discussion between clips. Start by recording one 3-5 minute session.

  • Can they remember the words?

    Interview someone of your parents’ or grandparents’ generation. Discuss the following questions: What songs were important to them when they were younger? Can they remember the words? What did they like about the lyrics? Why are they memorable? What personal memories come to mind when they think of them?

  • Lyrics Versus Video

    Compare your interpretation of the lyrics of your favorite song with the video of the same song. How are they similar? How do they differ?

  • Love Songs, Love Poems

    Robert Burns (1759-96), a popular poet from Scotland, lives again each January 25th, when millions around the world celebrate his poetry. In his poetry, Burns expresses his concern for people of the working class. He is also one of the first poets to question the treatment of women and children in society. Robbie Burns is…