Category: Experience and Expression

  • Alternative Approach

    Select a news or magazine article, editorial, blog, or letter to the editor in which a writer’s solution to a problem is morally or ethically unacceptable to you. Write an essay in which you argue against the writer’s position and offer a more reasonable and acceptable alternative approach or solution to the problem. (Hint: try…

  • A Modest Parody

    Using Swift’s structure and technique in “A Modest Proposal” as a model, write a mock argument in which you create a speaker whose proposal for solving a current problem is opposite to the real issues you want to raise in your essay.

  • Problem Faced by a Minority Group

    Write an essay in which you argue for a solution to a problem faced by members of a minority group of which you consider yourself a member.

  • A Strong Conviction

    Write an essay in which you illustrate your reasons for holding a strong conviction or belief on a subject in order to convince readers to accept and possibly act on the validity of your viewpoint.

  • Contemporary Electronic Technology

    In a well-organized and well-developed causal analysis essay, explain both the causes and the effects of the development of one specific kind of contemporary electronic technology for a general audience.

  • The Effects of Computer Technology on You

    What are the effects of computer technology on you? Organize the most significant efforts as either a casual process or a casual classification, and write an essay based on your analysis. Be sure to establish a clear thesis for your discussion and support that thesis with specific details and examples from your own experience.

  • The Life Cycle of …

    Analyze the life cycle of a particular person, animal, place, or thing, dividing the cycle into appropriate stages and steps within each stage. Write an informational process analysis of this life cycle, describing the specific details of what occurs at each stage and how they are related to the whole process.

  • Change: The Four Seasons

    Choose a specific place that you have observed closely and thoroughly. Analyze the process whereby this place changes during the year in accordance with the four seasons. Write an informational process analysis based on your analysis, using specific detailed descriptions to develop your essay.

  • How to Deal with a Common Problem

    Choose a significant problem that many people must learn how to handle in their daily lives, and write an instructional process analysis in which you present an effective approach or method for dealing with that problem.

  • How to Attain a Goal

    Consider an aim, goal, or a pursuit that you established for yourself, and then write an informational process analysis in which you explain the stages involved for you trying to attain it.