Category: Don’t Lose Your Head

  • Macbeth: Personal Response after Act 5

    Examine one of the following topics and write a narrative or personal essay: Kingship (Consider the differences between the four Kings in the play) Ambition (Consider the differences and similarities between the ambitions of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth) Guilt (Consider Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s response to guilt) Order (Consider nature, politics, relationships, and how order […]

  • Emergency Car Kit

    Have a look at an emergency car kit. How does the value of each item on this list depend on the type of accident you are in or have arrived at? What additional items would you add to the list? Where in the vehicle should these items be located? Do you have ICE contacts in […]

  • Go Stubbornly Forward

    Sometimes you experience a time when what you planned takes an unexpected turn, ending in a rude awakening. Other times you may go stubbornly forward with plans which have every indication of not working out, but you are certain that you are right or you want desperately to make things right. Recollect such a situation […]

  • Insomnia

    You are writing a report for a science class. Recall a time when you were deeply affected by the lack of sleep – physically, mentally, and behaviorally. Report this recollection in your blog.

  • Symbolize the Past Three Weeks

    Think of your own image or symbol for the past three weeks of your life (sunshine, darkness, fire, water). With a group of classmates, make a composite list of of your images/symbols. List the themes suggested by these images/symbols.

  • There’s Daggers In Men’s Smiles

    “There’s daggers in men’s smiles” is a situation which may have had meaning for you in the past, with the accompanying feeling of unease. Write an interpretation of the statement based on your personal experience. Your interpretation can be expressed as satire, an anecdote, or a poem in your blog.

  • Write a Soliloquy

    You have to make a decision about something, or you are thinking through a problem. You are alone, thinking about your decision or problem. You are trying to decide what to do to solve your problem. Present your thoughts as a soliloquy. Make it seem as if your mind is speaking.

  • Birthday or Valentine’s Card

    Write a description of a friend, using similes, to make his/her qualities clear. Include the description in a birthday or Valentine’s card for the person.

  • A Prediction Came True

    In a letter to a friend, write about a time that you were eager to see whether or not a prediction came true. Perhaps you had read your horoscope, or had your fortune told. Report your feelings of expectations or nervousness as you awaited the event. Then, report your feelings after the prediction did or […]

  • Relationship with a Hypocrite

    You have noticed an acquaintance or a family member acting hypocritically, saying or pretending to believe one way but behaving the opposite. Identify your feelings, and decide what you want to do about your relationship with that person. In  a post, report that person’s actions and explain your feelings about this behaviour. Finally, give and […]