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  • List


    Who doesn’t like a good list? Let’s make one today. Write a new post on your iblog in response to the prompt. Need more ideas? Not sure what to write around List? We’re here to help: Write a countdown of your top-ten [insert the category of your choice]. Cookies, sci-fi movies, Disney villains… the possibilities…

  • Memorable Childhood

    Recall a memorable experience from your childhood, and write a narrative in which you show your readers its significance for you.

  • Animals in a Natural Setting

    Observe carefully the actions of several animals in a natural setting (or a pasture), and then write a narrative in which specific details and images are used to show the reader events that occurred.

  • Your Autobiography

    Create a short autobiography. Use these statements to get your ideas flowing: My greatest achievement was… My greatest loss was… I have never felt happier than when… I have never felt worse than when… The funniest thing that ever happened to me was… The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me was… The person…

  • Predict the future

    What changes do you think you will see in your lifetime? Consider the areas of communication, transportation, food, climate, mass media, economy, workplace, daily routines, and family life. Choose one of your ideas about the future and develop it further. How will this change affect your life? Will you benefit from it, or not? Write…

  • Sun in the Fog

    Write a narrative in which you feature a detailed description of Waterloo Bridge: Sun in the Fog (1903) by Claude Monet.

  • Narration

    WRITING ABOUT MYSELF Choose one of these topics as the basis of a narrative about yourself. Tell a good story: give colourful details and all the facts needed to help your reader understand and appreciate the event. (See also the guidelines that follow.) 1. My traffic accident 2. The day I learned to be honest…

  • Wordle: The Human Condition

    Search the net for a few quotes about the human condition. Review these focus questions to help you in your search. Collect a handful of phrases that give you pause to think. Avoid anonymous quotes, note the author. (Keep the unharmed list safe in your notes somewhere.) Go to wordle.net (on Chromebooks try tagul clouds…