Tag: feelings

  • Go Stubbornly Forward

    Sometimes you experience a time when what you planned takes an unexpected turn, ending in a rude awakening. Other times you may go stubbornly forward with plans which have every indication of not working out, but you are certain that you are right or you want desperately to make things right. Recollect such a situation…

  • Relationship with a Hypocrite

    You have noticed an acquaintance or a family member acting hypocritically, saying or pretending to believe one way but behaving the opposite. Identify your feelings, and decide what you want to do about your relationship with that person. In  a post, report that person’s actions and explain your feelings about this behaviour. Finally, give and…

  • Looking at Masks

    Masks have been worn in many different cultures over the centuries. No matter what culture or time period it is from, the visual impact of a mask is often dramatic. Even though you might know very little about the cultural or historical significance of a mask, you can still understand a great deal about it…

  • Mars Base 2050

    Imagine that you are living in the first settlement on Mars. Write diary entries for one week describing your activities, experiences, and feelings. Have your outlook, values, and priorities changed since you arrived on Mars.

  • Family Crisis

    Write about a time when you and your parents reacted differently to a family crisis. How well were you able to communicate your feelings? If you could relive that time, would you change anything?

  • Pre-game Hype

    What’s it like before the big game? Describe how you, the team, the coach behave before the big game. Describe the sounds, the feelings, the action, the talk.

  • My Hobby

    There are few things as satisfying as a hobby. Describe yours. Describe it and put the pleasure of your feelings into the essay so that the reader can appreciate your hobby almost as much as you do.