Tag: circumstances

  • Loathed Activity

    Narrate an actual (or perhaps imagined experience) where circumstances made it necessary for you to be involved in a particular activity that you had always loathed.

  • Scene It

    Describe a scene or an event in which difficult circumstances are made pleasurable.

  • The Day Bob Dylan Showed Up On Your Front Lawn

    Read this true story about Bob Dylan’s surprise visit to the childhood Winnipeg home of Neil Young. Imagine a rock star has just showed up on your front lawn under similar circumstances. Write the story.

  • Paranoid?

    Have you ever felt that everyone you know has turned against you? What were the circumstances? How did you deal with the situation?

  • Prove Your Courage

    Under what circumstances would you persuade a friend to do something that might create problems for him or her? If a friend tried to persuade you to do something that might bring trouble, what would you do?

  • Flattery

    Have you ever been flattered by another person or group of people? What were the circumstances and how did you react? Explain how you think flattery can be a positive influence on a person and how it might be a negative one.

  • “Since you been gone”

    Write about a time when a friend or relative returned from an absence and seemed to have a very different personality. Did you believe that the change was real? What circumstances might cause a person to change greatly in a short period of time?

  • Your close friend has been acting strangely

    Suppose your close friend has been acting very strangely. Your friend’s parents ask you to find out the reasons for the strange mood and then report back to them. Under what circumstances would you be willing to do this? How would you feel about this request? Would you tell your friend what you were doing?

  • Ban Music?

    Plato, in his Republic, says that revolutionary poets and musicians will be banned from his utopian state because their new ideas will disrupt society and upset the stability of the state. Do you agree with the idea of banning music under these circumstances? Explore your opinion in an essay.