Tag: advice

  • Advice to a Panicky Friend

    One of your friends has shared some of his/her problems with you. Your friend wants advice on how to handle these difficulties because things seem to be going from bad to worse. In fact, your friend is becoming panicky. Write a post/comment/letter to your friend, giving both your advice on how to relieve the panic…

  • Plinky Prompt 100

    Describe the wackiest but most useful advice you’ve ever recieved.

  • Historical person

    If you could talk to any historical person for advice, who would it be and why?

  • Advice Adults Tend To Give Teenagers

    What advice would you give to a friend who you felt was making a hasty or unwise decision? What is your experience of the kind of advice adults tend to give teenagers about falling in love?

  • How helpful have people been?

    In your opinion, how much of what you learn in school really prepares you for situations that you encounter in real life? How helpful have people been who have given you advice about the way you should handle a difficult problem? Relate an incident to prove your point.

  • Ignored Advice

    Have you ever ignored the advice of others to do something your way? What happened? What would have happened if you had followed the advice given?

  • Old Advice

    Write about a time when an older person gave you advice which you knew that person would not follow him or herself. What were the results? How did you feel afterwards?

  • Advice on Preparing for Tests

    Write an essay, humorous or serious, in which you describe the way in which you prepare for important tests. Emphasize to your readers why your method is so effective.