Category: The Act of Writing

  • Write a Short Story

    Imagine your story is already done: Who is the hero in your story? Explain why you think so. What is the turning point? In what way does your protagonist change? What is the overall message and mood? Is humour an important part of this story? Why is your story title significant? Now begin with a […]

  • Applying for a Summer Job

    Read about the situation below and complete the assignment that follows. The Situation Imagine that you are Kim Green applying for one of the four jobs listed below. Robin Thornton is the person at the Hillcrest Job Centre who processes the applications for these jobs. Summer Jobs Available Volunteer Jobs Playground Program Assistant – assist […]

  • An Essay on the Principle of Population

    In his famous “An Essay on the Principle of Population“(1798), the English economist Thomas Malthus argued that, since geometric growth of population outstrips arithmetic growth of the food supply, we actually need poverty, disease, and starvation to restore the balance. While this theory was popular in the nineteenth century, very few would accept it today. […]

  • Tabula Rasa?

    Immigration has occurred at some point in the background of all Canadians, even those who are now called “native” or “first nation” peoples. Choose one of these topics: My ancestral homeland The arrival of my ancestor(s) in Canada My immigration to Canada Select the most appropriate to you. Focus it to fit your circumstances, knowledge, […]

  • Earth House Analogy

    Write an essay based on an extended analogy between a house and our planet Earth. First brainstorm or freewrite, because analogies demand free use of our imagination. Next write a rapid and free “discovery draft.” Let it sit at least one day, then develop your concept through at least one more draft, adding the kinds […]

  • Environmental Disaster

    Write about an environmental disaster that you have either witnessed or heard about recently in the news. First jot down notes on a blank page under three headings: “Land,” “Air,” and “Water.” Now draw on these notes to classify, in an essay, the effects of the disaster in each of your three categories. Do not […]

  • Old Age In Good Health

    The holiday season is officially here and we’re sharing our top holiday health tips to staying healthy and feeling good. Now is the time to rest, recharge and reconnect, to get ready for a wonderful year ahead. Take the time to sleep Sleeping well is key to good health. When we have enough energy we are able to make better […]

  • Real Estate Speculation

    Today many people speculate in real estate, especially around large cities like Toronto and Vancouver, or Fort Lauderdale homes for sale if you’re my retired parents. But how is it done? First consult a real estate agent or someone you know who has profited from real estate. Focus, then write a brief outline to establish […]

  • Canadian Military Spending

    Politicians often state that one letter received from a citizen is worth a thousand votes. Decide whether you think Canada is spending too little or too much on the military. Now write a letter to the Minister of Defence, arguing your point deductively. Apply your premise to a specific example or examples, such as tanks, […]

  • Third-World Children

    For one week read the international news feed from your favorite news site, paying special attention to reports that have implications for Third-World children. Choose one event or issue that arouses either your approval or your indignation, then respond to it in an essay. Using evidence from the article, make an inductive argument for your […]