Category: Passages

  • Human Rights Violation

    Research an example of a human rights violation from any country at any point in time.   Focus on one event and find three different sources: a book, online, magazine, etc.   Compare what you have learned from each source. If there are differences in facts and explanations, how can you tell which is correct.…

  • Fences

    What are the main purposes for building fences? What ideas are suggested about fences in the following photos? Collect images of fences. Can you find images that seem to suggest an idea related to a course focus question? Create your own photo essay or bulletin board poster(try Adobe Indesign) featuring a photograph of a fence.…

  • Legacy

    Write your own poem to honour an ancestor. You could use the person’s name and relationship to you as the first line of the poem. On the next line, write two adjectives to describe him or her, what he or she did, and a short description of the person’s desires, fears, and loves on following…

  • Man in Motion

    It seems that people are often fascinated by individuals who do extraordinary things to better the lives of others. Research Rick Hansen and write a report about him. Be sure to include a character description in which you suggest how Rick Hansen’s character might have influenced his life. Share your report with your classmates. Include…

  • Louis Riel

    Research Louis Riel. Think of five questions you would like to ask Riel if you were to meet him. Then, imagine how Riel would respond. Write an interview from these questions and your imagined responses.

  • Canadian Fisheries.

    Write about the current state of Canadian fisheries. In which areas of the country are moratoriums in place? How have the communities that have been affected dealt with the moratoriums? Beyond their concerns about changes to their way of life, what complaints might people in these communities have about the moratoriums.

  • Human Rights

    Write an essay about a current human rights issue. It could be a world-wide concern or one with a Canadian focus.

  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    Floating Lanterns XII On August sixth every year the seven rivers of Hiroshima are filled with lanterns Painted with the names of the fathers, mothers, and sisters they float on their way to the sea Almost there, pushed back flame snuffed out Darkly coming back in pieces Tossed by ocean waves That time, years past…

  • Teen or Child Empowerment in Film

    Consider movies you have seen that portray teen or child empowerment (for example, Finding Forrester). What is the appeal of these movies? What similarities do they share? Are they believable? Why? Write a comparison-and-contrast essay comparing two of these films.

  • Injustice in Film

    Justice Justice seems to have many faces It does not want to play if my skin is not the right hue, Or correct the wrong we long for Action hanging off-balance Justice is like an open field We observe, but are afraid to approach. We have been burned before Hence the broken stride And the…