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  • The Effects of Computer Technology on You

    What are the effects of computer technology on you? Organize the most significant efforts as either a casual process or a casual classification, and write an essay based on your analysis. Be sure to establish a clear thesis for your discussion and support that thesis with specific details and examples from your own experience.

  • Analysis of a Product

    Write a classification analysis of a common manufactured product that is useful for some specific purpose. Divide you subject into several categories or subclasses according to an appropriate principal of division (such as features, design, effectiveness, operation, size, etc.). Be sure to label, define, and illustrate each category or subclass so that your analysis supports…

  • Examine Popular Culture

    Choose a person, event, or thing that is part of popular culture. Write an essay outlining the reasons the event, person, or thing has become part of popular culture. As you develop your essay, use the following process: Write a brief outline stating your position on the topic. Jot down notes for three or four…