Tag: parody

  • Alternative Approach

    Select a news or magazine article, editorial, blog, or letter to the editor in which a writer’s solution to a problem is morally or ethically unacceptable to you. Write an essay in which you argue against the writer’s position and offer a more reasonable and acceptable alternative approach or solution to the problem. (Hint: try […]

  • A Modest Parody

    Using Swift’s structure and technique in “A Modest Proposal” as a model, write a mock argument in which you create a speaker whose proposal for solving a current problem is opposite to the real issues you want to raise in your essay.

  • Nursery Crimes

    Select a nursery rhyme and analyze it. Write a parody of your analysis in the voice of a character from the TV Show “Big Bang Theory.”

  • Not only marble, but the plastic toys

    “Not only marble, but the plastic toys” by Wendy Cope is a parody of Shakespeare’s “Sonnet LV”. Theme: Creative works cannot endure. Techniques: Sonnet structure, comparison, parody, allusion. Issues: See Shakespeare’s “Sonnet LV”. Summarize this sonnet in your own words using your summary of Shakespeare’s “Sonnet LV” as a starting point or model. Do you […]