Tag: parents

  • Letter to your parents

    Imagine you have been living on an alien planet for six months. Write a letter to your parents (on this planet) updating them on the events of your life.

  • Desert Dessert

    Imagine that you are babysitting a 6-year-old and an 8-year-old. The parents have left some treats for dessert: two bananas, a lollipop, and an ice cream bar. The parents instructions were to allow each child to choose one treat. Unfortunately, both kids want the ice cream bar. How can you distribute the goods fairly? The […]

  • Just the Way You Are

    Imagine that it is the year 2050 and it has become popular to select children that are tall and have clear skin. Your parents, however, could not afford genetic selection, and you are short and have acne. Imagine further that you are the only person in your neighborhood who is short and has acne. How […]

  • Your close friend has been acting strangely

    Suppose your close friend has been acting very strangely. Your friend’s parents ask you to find out the reasons for the strange mood and then report back to them. Under what circumstances would you be willing to do this? How would you feel about this request? Would you tell your friend what you were doing?

  • Family Crisis

    Write about a time when you and your parents reacted differently to a family crisis. How well were you able to communicate your feelings? If you could relive that time, would you change anything?