Tag: Describe

  • Fight, Fight, Fight

    Respond to the following: What are some things that could cause a fight between two people your age? Describe a person you know who is always looking for a fight. What are his/her characteristics? Describe a person you know who never wants to fight under any circumstances. What are his/her characteristics? What conversation might occur…

  • Desperate Measures

    Describe a situation in which you have taken desperate measures to avoid doing something you really didn’t want to do.

  • A Movie I Would Like To Be In

    Describe a film you’d like to act in. What is it about? Who are the characters? Which character would you like to play?

  • A Special Place

    Regardless of where they live, everybody knows of a special place. Describe your special place, wherever it is. What does it look like? How does it feel to be there? Who shares it with you?

  • How Dull Can You Get?

    Describe the dullest, most boring ceremony you ever attended. What was its purpose? Who was there? What was said? How did you feel? What changes could have improved it?