Category: Politics

  • An Important Decision

    Think of a time when you were faced with a serious problem that required you to make an important decision. What did you do? How did you feel?

  • Omens

    Do you believe in omens (signs of events that will happen)? There have been many accounts of people reporting the occurence of strange phenomena (facts or events as they appear to the senses) just before some significant event, good or bad, took place. Have you ever had or do you know someone who has had…

  • A Loyal Friend Versus a Sincere Cause

    Think of a situation in which you might have to choose between a loyal friend and a cause in which you sincerely believe. Discuss what you think your eventual choice would be. What consequences would you fear? Has anyone ever persuaded you to do something you later regretted? How did he or she convince you…