Category: Politics

  • Continue When Winning Seems Unlikely

    What qualities in a person’s character can help him or her to continue in a competitive struggle even when winning seems unlikely?

  • Misinterpreted the Evidence

    Recall a situation you experienced or know about in which one or more people totally misinterpreted the evidence in front of them. What happened?

  • What would you say?

    Imagine you and your partner are about to enter an important competition against strong opponents. What would you say to your partner just before the match?

  • Friendship Survives

    What kinds of problems or situations can develop between close friends to strain their relationship? Why does a true friendship usually survive the difficulties that may threaten it?

  • When a group project does not turn out . . .

    Recall a situation in which a plan or important project that you and your group undertook did not turn out as you had hoped. How did you react? How did the others react? What did you decide to do?

  • Civil Disobedience

    Think of places you know where large-scale civil disobedience and social violence have occurred. Some examples from history are the French Revolution, the American Revolution, the expulsion of the British from countries such as India and South Africa. In what other places have people fought for political change? How was order restored? Did the restoration…

  • Mob Rules

    Have you experienced, heard about, or read about a crowd that got out of control? What happened? How was order restored? What are some things organizers of crowd attractions and officers of the law do to prevent mob scenes? What threats to personal and public safety does senseless mob behaviour pose?

  • Funeral Procedures

    What are some funeral ceremonies and procedures you know about? How have some of the people who participated in these rites behaved?

  • Ignored Advice

    Have you ever ignored the advice of others to do something your way? What happened? What would have happened if you had followed the advice given?

  • Flattery

    Have you ever been flattered by another person or group of people? What were the circumstances and how did you react? Explain how you think flattery can be a positive influence on a person and how it might be a negative one.