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  • Futuristic Story

    Write a futuristic story in which you present your vision of life twenty years from now. Read an interview with Derrick de Kerckhove, author of The Augmented Mind. How will people in the future be “always on” or “plugged in”? What will “cloud computing” look like in twenty years? What “next big thing” will replace…

  • Earth First

    Research an environmental issue and organize an action in response to the issue. Environment Canada Issues: Weather and Meteorology Water Pollution and Waste Habitat and Wildlife Climate Change Air What you can do: Take action for the environment (Hints: poster, pamphlet, booklet, 4H speech, video clip, display, commercial, web app, animation, plant a tree, join…

  • Plinky Prompt 71

    A giant meteor is headed toward Earth. What do you do with the last day of your life?