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  • Bite


    Your imagination is wide open with today’s prompt: Bite. Ready to roll? All you need to do is… Write a new post on your iblog in response to the prompt. Need more ideas? Not sure what to write around Bite? It has so many meanings! An injury. (“Charlie bit my finger!”) A pinching or stinging feeling…

  • Classification

    Develop one of the following topics into an essay of classification. (See also the guidelines that follow.) 1. Conversations 2. Television commercials 3. Crime 4. Music lovers 5. Wine 6. Martial arts 7. Roommates 8. Bosses 9. Horses 10. Grandparents 11. Education 12. Drugs 13. Novels 14. Lovers 15. Police officers 16. Landlords 17. Slang…

  • Plinky Prompt 116

    What are your favorite slang words?