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  • A Citizen’s First Responsibilities

    Are a citizen’s first responsibilities to family, political leader, or country?

  • Example

    If one of these traditional or popular sayings expresses an important lesson you have learned about life, illustrate it in an essay developed through extensive use of example. (See also the guidelines that follow.) 1. Experience is the best teacher. 2. Money cannot buy happiness. 3. The best defence is a good offence. 4. You…

  • Quell the Unrest

    Many countries in the world are suffering or have suffered from social or political unrest. Choose one of these countries and situations you know about to discuss. Explain the causes and events of the political unrest. If you were the country’s political leader, what might you do to quell the unrest?

  • Important Qualities of a Political Leader

    What are the five most important qualities a political leader of a country needs? Why is it necessary for him or her to possess each of these?