Tag: point of view

  • Thank You Ma’am

    Read “Thank You Ma’am,” by Langston Hughes.   Respond to the Story The first sentence of the story suggests that the tone will be humorous. What other details in the story add to the humorous effect? Despite the light tone, the story deals with a serious subject. Which details in the story tell you that…

  • Create a Sequel

    Read “Kath and Mouse,” by Janet McNaughton. Responding to the Story What does it mean to play “cat and mouse”? Give an example from a personal experience or from a movie, book, or TV show you have seen. In what way does Kath play a “cat and mouse” game with Helen? What pun has the…

  • Credibility of School in Film

    Write a review of a feature-length film that depicts some form of school. In your review assess the credibility of the central character’s point of view on school and on learning.