Tag: analogy

  • Analogy

    Choose a simile or metaphor that you believe is particularly interesting or appropriate in its expression of the similarities between two subjects. Write an essay in which you develop a full and detailed presentation of that figure of speech as an analogy.

  • Modern “gods”

    Consider modern “gods” that we worship in society. Then write an essay in which you develop an analogy between a person or a thing and a god. Be sure to use images, details, and words and phrases that clarify and support your analogy.

  • Earth House Analogy

    Write an essay based on an extended analogy between a house and our planet Earth. First brainstorm or freewrite, because analogies demand free use of our imagination. Next write a rapid and free “discovery draft.” Let it sit at least one day, then develop your concept through at least one more draft, adding the kinds…

  • Analogy and Related Devices

    Choose a topic from items 1-15, or choose a subject from items 16-30 and add an appropriate image to it. Then develop your choice into an extended analogy. (See also the guidelines that follow.) 1. Music as a drug 2. Prejudice as a wall 3. Human metabolism as fire 4. A career as a mountain…