Category: Echoes

  • Humanitarian Efforts

    Research articles written on the efforts of Red Cross workers to help the victims of hurricane Sandy, food shortages in Sahel, the Fredericton fire, northern Alberta wildfires Write a post to convince your readers that human nature is admirable after all.

  • Special Photograph

    Select a photograph that has a special significance for you. In writing or in an a podcast, describe the photo in detail and comment on what it means to you.

  • Exhilarating Challenge

    Write a personal narrative essay, feature article, or short story about a time when you were faced with an intimidating, yet exhilarating challenge. Use imagery in your writing.

  • Abstract Science

    Write an essay in which abstract science is made both interesting and accessible to the average reader (Hint: Stephen Jay Gould, David Suzuki, Steven Hawking, JAred Diamond, and Rachel Carson).

  • Canadian Ritual

    Write an expository essay that explains a Canadian or personal “ritual” for foreign readers. For example, you might explain the ritual of the graduation at your school; traditions followed in your family on birthdays or special occasions; or customs and procedures surrounding going to a big game or concert.

  • Dreams

    The psychiatrist Carl Jung believed that dreams often express our most hidden desires and fears – parts of ourselves that we do not want to or are too afraid to acknowledge when we are awake. He claimed that these neglected, or repressed, aspects of our personality often manifest themselves in dreams in the form of…

  • Existentialism

    Existentialism is a philosophy of life that emphasizes personal choice and subjectivity; that is the idea that our everyday choices, actions, and reactions determine who and what we are. Find out more about existentialism. Write as summary of what your have discovered. Explain how a text you have studied reflects elements of this philosophy.

  • Let me introduce to you …

    In the style of a Socratic dialogue, script a conversation about the themes in “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” between T.S. Eliot and either Freud, Marx, Darwin, or Nietzsche. (Hints: help with Prufrock, questions on the Human Condition.

  • New World – Big Horizon

    [youtube video=NPGS308dT10] New world – big horizon Open your eyes and see it’s true New world – across the frightening Waves of blue – David Wilcox Write about a song that cheers you up when you are feeling blue. Include a link to the video and quote a lyric or two and discuss its effect…

  • Isolation and “otherness”

    The motif of isolation and “otherness” is a common one in art and literature. Select a text from your own reading or viewing that focuses on a character who is isolated and longs for another place or connection where he or she can feel a sense of belonging. Write an essay analyzing this theme and…