Down Came A Blackbird and Pecked Off Her Nose!

“Let me write a nation’s songs, and I care not who writes its laws.”

Much has been written of the impact on children of mass media, with their excesses of violence and sex and their distortion of reality. The trouble may start at the parents’ knee with indoctrination through nursery rhymes.

Make a list of rhymes and stories that you remember and discuss their unpleasant overtones.

For example, did you ever think of the “four and twenty blackbirds” being baked alive?

An Island of Your Very Own

For your birthday, your best friend gives you a lottery ticket. “It may only have cost a dollar,” he says, “but if you win, you will become the sole owner of a beautiful tropic island, along with 1 billion dollars to develop it as you see fit!” And, lucky for you, the ticket wins! As it turns out, the island is the size of Florida and has not been claimed by any country. So, suddenly, you are a king with a vast kingdom. As you set off for your island, you begin to think about what you will do with the billion dollars. How will you develop your island? Who else will you allow to live there? Will you need safeguards against possible violence and other forms of crime? Will you rule the island or will you let the inhabitants elect someone else to rule? What kind of rules would you like to see in place?