Blast from the Past

Investigate tropes.  What is a trope?

  1. View the film Blast from the Past (1999) and review it with the aim of pointing out several tropes.
    • note the broad categories tropes fall into, identify several examples from at least 3 categories.
    • You may want to consider scanning the script from Blast from the Bast (1999) for your favorite moments/quotes.
  2. Write a short story(that one day could be turned into a feature film) based on an idea generated by Story Idea Generator.
    • Incorporate at least one common trope from the film into your story. There is no need for your story to parallel the film in any other way.
    • Synthesize some element of cold-war paranoia into your story.(view The Atomic Cafe (1982) for some witty inspiration about the comic horrors of the cold-war era.)
    • Focus/comment somewhere in your story on the theme of searching for identity.