Proposal to close the movie theatre

Read the situation described below and use it to complete the assignment that follows.

The Situation
The Prosper Town Council is considering a proposal to close the town’s only movie theatre. Supporters of the proposal cite declining attendance and the potential to redevelop the site. Those opposed believe that the theatre is a valuable cultural resource and has the potential to become even more so.

In deciding whether to accept the proposal, the Prosper Town Council has invited concerned individuals to make their views known. You are Kerry Sinclair, a student of Prosper High School. You have considered information and opinions from a variety of sources (see attached images). After considering the advantages and disadvantages of the proposal, you have reached a decision. You now need to write a persuasive letter that clearly develops your position.




The Assignment
Write letter that will persuade the Prosper Town Council either to ACCEPT or REJECT the proposal to close the movie theatre.

Kerry Sinclair’s address is 42 Wallaby Way in Prosper, Alberta, U2X 1U2.
The Prosper Town Council address is 1651 Main Street in Prosper, Alberta, U1V 1U1.