How do you know it is good?

Select two works of art(visual, musical, or literary): one that is good and one that is bad.

Explain the reasons for your judgements in a short piece of writing. Include a thumbnail, embedded clip, or snippet of each and ask your classmates to submit a comment with their own analysis and judgement.

Respond to your classmates criticism and discuss together the similarities and differences in your evaluations.

But First, A Word from Our Sponsors…

Did you notice the advertisements?

Suppose you could travel back in time, what products would have been advertised during humanity’s greatest moments?

What if we found sponsors …

What modern companies would you advertise along-side these historic firsts?

Perhaps we already have a time machine. Consider Isidore of Seville? Anne Frank? The Istanbul Rocketship?

Consider a “Top 200” company today. Of what moments in history would it pay great sums to be a sponsor?

Why shouldn’t the owner of Flavr Savr one day be our “official” sponsor?

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In recognition of “Pink Shirt Day” …

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Add a jerk to your story.

Here are some suggestions …

  • Jerks are mean – have the jerk get our attention by saying or doing things to your protagonist that are upsetting.
  • Jerks ignore us – have your jerk ignore the protagonist but pay attention to someone else. Have the Jerk only pretend to listen and act like your protagonist doesn’t even exist.
  • Jerks make us feel stupid – have your jerk make comments about what your protagonist says that makes him/her feel stupid.
  • Jerks are sneaky – have your jerk act all nice to others or around teachers or adults and then have the jerk do something that only the protagonist sees when no one else is looking.
  • Jerks lie – have your jerk try and make someone look bad to make themselves look better by lying.