The Vietnam War in Film

The Vietnam War has been the subject of a number of excellent films, for example, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, Apocalypse Now!, and Born on the Fourth of July. View one of these films or another film about this war. Examine the protagonist’s life and decisions. Write a brief essay to assess the difficulties he or she faces both physically and psychologically.

Analyze News Articles about Africa

Examine six news articles – from various news sites – about Africa. What conclusions can you reach about how Africa is represented in the news? How accurate do you think this portrayal is?

News sites:

Managing Urban Development

With the growth of urban development in many areas in the country, we, as a society, are frequently asked to balance the desire for expansion with the desire for preservation. Are there examples of this opposition within your community? If you were a member of town council, what would you want to see done in your area? Create a set of guidelines for managing growth in your own community.